Api reference

System Requirements

What do you need to get started? In addition to Solar2D, you will need an IDE or a text editor (we’ll discuss this further in Chapter 1).

The specific system requirements depend on whether you are developing on a Mac or Windows system:

Solar2D for macOS supports building applications for iOS, Android, tvOS, and macOS desktop. It requires the following basic system elements:

  • macOS 10.11 or later
  • Xcode (minimum version allowed by Apple to submit apps to the App Store)

For more details, see the System Requirements page. If you’re ready to install, please proceed to Installing Solar2D — macOS.

Solar2D for Windows supports building applications for Android and Win32 desktop. It requires the following basic system elements:

  • Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7
  • 1 GHz processor (recommended)
  • 1 GB of RAM (recommended)
  • OpenGL 2.1 or higher (available in most modern Windows systems)

For more details, see the System Requirements page. If you’re ready to install, please proceed to Installing Solar2D — Windows.

Corona autocomplete package now available for Atom editor

Corona Editor

We would like to announce the immediate availability of a code completion package for the Atom editor, which provides code completion as well as a description and links to the Corona Docs.

You have two options to install the package: through Atom’s package interface or from the command line.

If you choose the Atom’s package interface, open up the Preferences screen and click on Install.

In the search box, type and hit enter. The package should show as the first option. Click on the button. This will install the package and you can start using it immediately.

If you prefer, you can install it from the command line by executing:


apm install autocomplete-corona

1 apm install autocomplete-corona

You may also need to enable the package as well, to get the syntax highlighting.

This is a no-frills package that uses Corona’s own docs to provide the code completion. Simply tab to complete and then tab between parameters to fill them out.

This tool complements our Corona Editor and Corona Composer GUI tools to help you make your apps easier.

Atom also supports building your project. There is not a pre-built Corona SDK build provider. However, you can configure your own by putting an extra file in the folder with your named:

You must include this file in every project you want to build. The contents of the file will vary depending on if you are using a daily build or public build. And it will vary between OS X and Windows.

Here is an example OS X version for public releases:


«cmd»: «/Applications/CoronaSDK/Corona\\ Simulator.app/Contents/MacOS/Corona\\ Simulator»,
«args»: ,
«name»: «Corona SDK»,
«cwd»: «{PROJECT_PATH}»,
«sh»: true



«cmd»»/Applications/CoronaSDK/Corona\\ Simulator.app/Contents/MacOS/Corona\\ Simulator»,


«name»»Corona SDK»,




If you use daily builds change the first line to the right folder:


«cmd»: «/Applications/CoronaSDK-2811/Corona\\ Simulator.app/Contents/MacOS/Corona\\ Simulator»,
«args»: ,
«name»: «Corona SDK»,
«cwd»: «{PROJECT_PATH}»,
«sh»: true



«cmd»»/Applications/CoronaSDK-2811/Corona\\ Simulator.app/Contents/MacOS/Corona\\ Simulator»,


«name»»Corona SDK»,




For Windows, you will need to provide the right path to your Corona SDK install folder.


«cmd»: «C:\Program Files (x86)\Corona Labs\Corona SDK\Corona\\ Simulator.exe»,
«args»: ,
«name»: «Corona SDK»,
«cwd»: «{PROJECT_PATH}»,
«sh»: true



«cmd»»C:\Program Files (x86)\Corona Labs\Corona SDK\Corona\\ Simulator.exe»,


«name»»Corona SDK»,




You must also install the build package to use this. about these build scripts.

If you are an Atom fan, you will now be more empowered.

Settings and Configuration

In addition to , there are two important files which configure your app to work correctly on multiple types of devices: and .

Build Settings

The file provides real devices (phones, tablets, etc.) with details they need regarding your app. This includes the supported orientations for the app, names of icon files, plugins to include, special information required by devices, and more.

Using your text editor, locate and open the file within your project folder. It will contain a lot of information, but let’s focus on the highlighted block of code:

settings =
    orientation =
        -- Supported values for orientation:
        -- portrait, portraitUpsideDown, landscapeLeft, landscapeRight

        default = "portrait",
        supported = { "portrait", },

Our app will only be available to play in portrait mode, so we set this on the following two lines:

  • — This line specifies that the game should begin in portrait orientation when the user first loads the app.

  • — This line specifies that the only supported orientation is also portrait. That means that even if the user turns (orients) the physical device around in their hands, your app will remain locked in portrait orientation.

As you learned in the previous chapter, curly brackets indicate a table in the Lua programming language, and tables can contain multiple items. We could include up to four supported orientations inside this table, but since this app will support just one orientation, is all that we need to include.

There are several additional things which can be included inside the file, but in the interest of keeping this guide as straightforward as possible, let’s move on.

Corona Labs releases a new public build

Corona SDK, News & Announcements

Corona Labs is pleased to announce the availability of our latest public release of Corona: 2018.3326. This build contains significant bug fixes and new features that we hope you will appreciate.

Google Play

One of the biggest changes in this public build is addressing changes required by Google. Since the last public build, Google has changed their Vitals detection methods and have gotten considerably more aggressive with their detection. To support these changes, we’ve updated all of our support plugins for Android to bring them up to modern standards.

We have also increased our Android API level to 27 (Android 8.1) in preparation for Google’s August, 2018 requirement to have API level 26 support.

Google is also pushing new app signing procedures. As such, Corona can now employ the modern encryption methods used by the latest Java keytool built keystores as well as older keystores.


You will notice that a majority of the updates in this build are involving HTML5. That’s right – HTML5 builds are now in Open Beta! HTML5 is becoming a considerably more stable product. We now include the base code needed to build Facebook Instant Games as well as support for the VK social media site’s version as well.

HTML5 builds are already having an impact on other platforms. Developers have prototyped HTML5 versions of game ideas and pitched them to publishers to build mobile versions of the games. Being able to quickly give someone a look into your prototype is a great way to market your content.


The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation went into effect on May 25, 2018. This public release of Corona does not collect data considered personal in nature. Also, Corona Labs doesn’t collect any personal data in Corona-managed advertising plugins. The third-party SDKs used in the plugins have their own GDPR requirements..


On the Apple side, we have updated to support iOS 11.4 and Xcode 9.4 and implemented additional features to support iOS 11 edge gestures that impact the iPhone X.

One breaking change that comes with iOS 11 is that getting the default language of the device is now dependent on additions to the iOS plist. iOS 11 only returns supported values that your app supports. You must include an entry in your build.settings file to list the supported languages by the app. For example:


settings = {
iphone = {
plist = {
CFBundleLocalizations = {«en», «fr», «pt», «zh», «de», «it», «ja», «es», «ru», «uk»},









You can look at the sample app: for an example of this requirement or see our localization guide.

Open-source libraries

In addition to these changes, Corona Labs is open-sourcing the following libraries:

You can download the Lua source for these libraries from the Corona Labs GitHub account. In addition, the library was updated to be in sync with our internal library.

Facebook has recently changed their permission requirements for apps. You now have to submit your app to Facebook for review and get approved to use the permission. We have removed the default addition of the permission from the login process. Starting with this release plugin only asks for by default. This may be a breaking change if your app depends on the permission. If this is a case, add the permission when requesting login, like .

Check it out!

You can see a full list of changes in our release notes for 2017.3326. If you have questions or comments on this release, join us in our community forums.

В чем инновационность данной компании?

Korona Labs – российский бренд, в конце 2015 года родившийся в Новосибирске, являющемся одним из крупнейших отечественных научных центров.

Компания выпускает эффективное и качественное спортивное и диетическое питание, как для профессиональных спортсменов, так и для обычных людей, следящих за своим здоровьем и красотой своего тела.

Когда речь заходит о спортивных продуктах, многие скептически воспринимают попытки российских компаний конкурировать с зарубежными аналогами. Но так было до момента появления Короны Лабс.

Благодаря сочетанию высококачественного европейского сырья, немецких технологий и отечественного научного потенциала, на свет родился комплекс продуктов, не уступающий и даже в некоторых моментах превосходящий по своим свойствам иностранные бренды.

Технология микрокапсулирования позволяет добиться максимального и быстрого результата. Жесткий качественный контроль гарантирует полную безопасность продуктовой линейки.

А внедренные мероприятия по сокращению организационных и накладных расходов позволили сформировать конкурентоспособные цены.

Именно инновационность и высокая технологичность продукта в совокупности с ответственностью компании перед потребителями объясняют стремительно растущую популярность ее спортивного и диетического питания среди российских пользователей.

Кроме того, философией Korona Labs является не просто продвижение своих товаров, но поддержка и развитие спортивного сознания нации.

В рамках этого компания уже неоднократно выступала спонсором многих соревнований в Новосибирске и регионах.

Why Choose Solar2D ?

Solar2D is used by professional programmers, mobile app developers, businesses, schools, and universities to develop engaging games, educational apps, business/utility apps, and more. Solar2D is easy enough to learn for those who are just starting, yet powerful enough for the experienced developer. With Solar2D you get all of these benefits:

A complete framework which lets you create games, educational apps, business/utility apps, and more.

Cross-platform — develop for mobile, desktop, and connected TV devices with just one code base.

Development is done in Lua, a powerful and easy-to-learn scripting language.

Optimize your workflow with real-time device testing — build and deploy your app just once and then see code/assets update almost instantly on your devices, all over a local network.

Over 1000 APIs enable you to transform your ideas into stunning and innovative app experiences.

Plugins give developers access to additional functionality, tools, and services.

All kinds of plugins to help you succeed, with just a few lines of code. Spend time making awesome apps, not implementing third-party software development kits!

Supported by third-party marketplaces such as Solar2D Marketplace and Solar2D Plugins.

Corona Labs annual update

News & Announcements

It’s 2020 and many of you have been wanting a roadmap for the next year. We’ve got several major updates to shed the light on Corona’s future and give you more perspective on your business goals connected to our product.

First, let us separate the business entity Corona Labs from the product Corona. On May 1, 2020, Corona Labs Inc. as a business entity will cease to operate. The main reason for this decision is the difference between income this business generates and operational expenses demanded. We assume that many of you, as mobile business owners yourself, can relate to this move. We appreciate your understanding and would like to thank everyone who contributed to our community growth. We’ve seen a lot of great games and apps produced by you, the community. From large studios to determined indie developers, you’ve surprised us and amazed us.

While Corona Labs will fade into an entry in the computer software corporate history as a business entity, Corona the product will go on as an open source project. Here are the details on how we’re planning to proceed.


Your existing and new games will continue to work. After we finish with the changes to the Corona Simulator, Native and CoronaCards, there should not be much difference in the development workflow for Corona users.

  1. Some of the Corona Labs staff have expressed an interest in continuing to work with Corona as an as-available hobby project, so some engine development will continue. There is a possibility that engineers would seek funding through platforms like Patreon or Github Sponsors to continue work in larger capacity.
  2. Appodeal will continue to fund infrastructure costs and work with the open source staff to keep the Appodeal plugin up to date.
  3. The Corona open source license will change from its current dual license state (Commercial + GPLv3) to a single, much more permissive license: The MIT License will make building the open source version of Corona easier for you and lift distribution restrictions on your apps and games. If you are using the GPL version of Corona, you can continue doing so in your fork.
  4. Corona Labs will remove Splash Screen restrictions and plugin license checks from Native and Simulator builds. All first-party plugins will be open sourced and be available on GitHub. Corona’s “daily” builds will be built using tools available for Open Source projects, and would be available on GitHub releases.
  5. We will change the Corona Simulator to be an offline tool, building for all supported platforms using local storage as a source for plugins.
  6. Marketplace sales will cease. Vendors will be paid what they are owed, and will have to distribute updates for their plugins themselves. Users will be able to download purchased plugins and assets before the store closure. Corona Labs will stop accepting new submissions to the Marketplace on February, 15. 2020. Self-hosted plugins will be turned on for everyone so community plugin developers can continue to provide plugins.
  7. We will migrate the forums and coronalabs.com website content to another platform, since the current setup is tied to an expensive infrastructure. We may need several community members to volunteer to administer the new Forums. We are still working on what the coronalabs.com website access will become.
  8. The community is welcome to spin up discussion forums. Possibilities include using GitHub’s Issues, Reddit’s /r/CoronaSDK page, a Facebook Group, etc. The community Slack will remain.
  9. The Corona Labs maintained social media accounts will remain open, and we will turn them into sources of useful information for developers (i.e., industry news, development and monetization tips, etc.).
  10. All these will not happen overnight. We are working on changes to the parts of the engine, and will release them gradually, moving the build process offline as well as migrating content to different platforms. We will post updates on the progress, as well as send out one more final email with all the details Feel free to follow Corona on Github or get involved in development. Progress will be reflected in this Github Project.

If you want to discuss this, please use this Forum thread.

How Solar2D Works

Solar2D is a Lua-based framework that provides a large set of APIs and plugins, allowing developers to quickly and easily make apps that can run on multiple types of devices.

With the built-in Simulator, you can preview how your app will appear and respond on many types of devices, all without having to compile or deploy it for testing. When you’re ready, you can conduct real-time device testing to see how your app performs on actual devices.

In addition to the core framework, Solar2D includes many plugins which add specific functionality and help speed up the development of your app. Want to monetize your apps with in-app advertising? See our Monetization Guide for options. Want to connect to Facebook? Simply use the convenient plugin. By using a plugin, you are able to focus on building your app and while leveraging stable add-ons.

Essentially, Solar2D focuses on helping you make your app quickly! Most developers report that they’re able to complete apps much faster using Solar2D versus other systems. With the benefit of writing just one code base that can be deployed to multiple platforms, choosing Solar2D is a natural choice.

The Solar2D Suite

There are three variants of Solar2D so that you can use the toolset which is best for your needs:


Solar2D is a full-featured, cross-platform framework that enables developers to create apps rapidly and publish to all major platforms. Solar2D is completely free and there are no restrictions on which supported platforms you can build and publish your projects.

If you’re new to Solar2D or app development, download Solar2D — it contains all of the core features to get started quickly!

Solar2D Native

Solar2D Native provides low-level access to the operating system and native APIs. While most apps designed using Solar2D do not require this level of access, it allows you to use native languages like Obj-C or Java to pass information between the native code and Lua code.

Benefits of usage Solar2D

  • Free for everybody – Enterprise features for every developer.
  • The easiest development tool for 2D games and mobile applications.
  • Solar2D allows creating apps easily, up to 10 times faster than other frameworks.
  • Supported by a detailed documentation system.
  • Write the code once, run it many different places – Solar2D supports all major mobile platforms.
  • Constantly growing pool of first-party and community provided plugins and ready-to-go app assets.
  • A vibrant community of both application and game developers.
  • Simulator, which runs the app directly on PC/Mac, simplifies the prototyping process and helps quickly test ideas and concepts.
  • A logical and consistent API that covers over 1000 functions and allows to get things up and running very fast.

Система начисления бонусов

С момента прихода в компанию вам присваивается статус «Новичок», и вы получаете прибыль с объема своих продаж. Каждый член компании имеет свой индивидуальный номер ID, для идентификации покупок привлеченных им клиентов.

Также Korona Labs предлагает выстраивать свою реферальную сеть и получать от нее хорошие бонусы. Последние начисляются, если вами достигнут личный объем продаж по своему ID в сумме не менее  5000 руб.

При этом у вас есть несколько альтернатив для построения своей команды:

  1. После того, как вы привлекли хотя бы одного Новичка, ваш статус меняется на «Граф». С этого момента вы начинаете зарабатывать не только на своем товарообороте, но и получать 30% от личной активности своей команды. Нетрудно догадаться, что ваша прибыль будет прямо пропорциональна числу работающих Новичков в команде.
  2. Статус «Принц» можно получить, имея в своей сети 10 Графов, каждый из которых создал команду в составе 10 и более Новичков. В этом случае ваш заработок будет состоять из дохода от ваших продаж + 30% от личной активности первой линии и 2% от всего оборота второй линии.
  3. Статус «Король» можно получить, создав команду из 10 и более Принцев. Перспективы заработка – более чем хорошие: прибыль от личных продаж + 30% от активности каждого дистрибьютора в первой линии + 2% от всего оборота второй линии + 1% от общего оборота третьей линии.

Как видим, благодаря широкой реферальной сети можно зарабатывать большие деньги, в принципе, даже отказавшись от самостоятельного продвижения товаров на рынок.

Для удобства продвижения, компания Корона Лабс так же ввела реферальные ссылки:

Но, для того чтобы стать Королем и Принцем, нужно как можно раньше присоединиться к компании. Например, прямо сейчас. Зачем терять драгоценное время и отдавать свой потенциальный доход в руки более активных и смелых людей?

Итак, подводя итоги, скажу следующее:

Эта компания — то, что многие давно уже ищут в сетевом бизнесе, а именно:

  • Зарабатывать может абсолютно каждый человек;
  • Без обязательных покупок для собственного потребления;
  • Продукт высококлассный, качественный и по отличной цене!
  • Продукт натуральный, без усилителей вкуса, без красителей!
  • НИКАКОЙ СОИ! Только натуральное молочное сырье.
  • Отличная перспектива построения бизнеса с востребованным и качественным продуктом.
  • Уникальная возможность совместить употребление высококлассного продукта для спортсменов и зарабатывать при этом!
  • Компанию и перспективы по достоинству оценит любой сетевик.

Купить спортивное питание Korona labs может любой желающий на сайте koronalabs.ru используя мой ID 1882

А для тех, кто хочет строить свой бизнес с успешной компанией — пишите в личные сообщения или проходите регистрацию тут — форма регистрации Корона Лабс.

Независимо от того, воспользуетесь ли вы продукцией компании Korona Labs только для улучшения своего здоровья и красоты тела или решите с ее помощью попутно повысить свое финансовое благополучие, я желаю вам успехов на данном поприще.

Подписывайтесь и на Телеграм канал блога — t.me/investbro_ru.

Также, рекомендую обратить внимание на эти 7 Бесплатных видео, которые помогут автоматизировать Вашу работу по привлечению партнеров в онлайн режиме, независимо от того, с какой компанией Вы сотрудничаете

Corona Cannon – a new sample game

Game Development

A long time ago, a demo was made for Corona SDK by Jonathan and Biffy Beebe called Ghosts vs. Monsters (GvM). It was a simple clone of a very popular game of that time – Angry Birds.

Updating the game for today

Five years have passed since then. The original GvM was developed for Graphics v1, it only supported 480×320 or 960×640 resolution screens, and the code didn’t follow current best practices.

For instance, there were many global variables, the project didn’t use OOP (Object Oriented Programming practices), and the code wasn’t DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself). Each level needed a new levelN.lua file, which repeated the entire logic of the game plus level layout.

The project wasn’t perfect, but it was a great example 5 years ago. Director class was the only scene management choice at the time and there was no way to organize projects with sub-directories. Dark times.

After the acquisition of Corona Labs by Perk, and with addition of new hires, it was time that we made a fresh new clone! Or a remake of the clone. Or is it a clone’s clone? Too many clones… Let’s just call it a remake.

The “remake” started as a simple code update to the original game, to make it compatible with modern versions of Corona SDK. As a side note, it was actually my first task at Corona Labs as a new hire. Initially, I started updating the code, but quickly realized it was not enough. Developers would not fully benefit from simple code update. We needed a game that shows best practices. So, I created a new game with similar features, from scratch.

The old graphics weren’t made for high resolutions, so we decided to use free assets by kenney.nl, which are great for prototyping. I also wanted to use Tiled to showcase how to integrate it into a Corona game. I wanted to integrate a simple level editor too. It also needed to be playable on all platforms including OS X, Windows desktop and Apple TV, so controller support was a must.

As for the new game theme, I came up with an idea to fire Corona Labs and Perk logos from a cannon, like cannonballs. We can’t fight pigs, right? No unnecessary animal cruelty… So what can we fight with in Corona? Why, bugs of course! Corona Debugger could have been a cool name for this game, but we settled down on Corona Cannon instead.

During development, some fixes and improvements were also introduced in Corona. The was fixed, and Apple tvOS remote support was improved, as was desktop support.

Fun fact

Ghost vs. Monsters: 11 files, 1080 blank lines, 771 comment lines, 3487 code lines.Corona Cannon: 21 files, 320 blank lines, 179 comment lines, 2288 code lines.

With considerably fewer lines of code, Corona Cannon is much more feature rich. Less code lines per file also means it’s much easier for a new developers to understand the project.

To use the demo, you will need to use daily build 2016.2818 or later.

Code structure

At the root of the project, you will find sub-directories, icons and standard files like , and . Here is the short directory structure with descriptions:

Dive into the code starting from main.lua and study the project based on its comments. We will be providing a detailed video that explains the code. Stay tuned for that!

Moving forward, all new demos will be published in our special GitHub directory https://github.com/coronalabs-samples


Corona Cannon, as a demo project, provides great examples and best practices for both novice and experienced developers. I tried to keep the code structure simple, files small and everything clean overall. There’s no spaghetti code, no global variables, no cryptic variable names, and no useless comments.

Grab the source and start working with your own version or download one of the pre-built versions to see what the game is like.

This demo also runs everywhere. It’s published on Google Play and it’s pending review on the Apple stores (iOS, tvOS, and OS X). We will update this post with the links to all stores as they become available.

Source Code – https://github.com/coronalabs-samples/CoronaCannon
Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.coronalabs.coronacannon
iOS – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/corona-cannon/id1078778611
tvOS – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/corona-cannon/id1078778611
OS X desktop – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/corona-cannon/id1078798116
Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Corona-Labs-Cannon/dp/B01BEG102A
OUYA – https://www.ouya.tv/game/Corona-Cannon/
Windows Desktop – http://developer.coronalabs.com/sites/default/files/Corona%20Cannon.zip
Windows Phone 8 – https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9NBLGGH5PWVN

Feel free to discuss this sample game in the forums!

Design Document

Before we jump into designing and programming our next game, we need to think about the features and other aspects. This usually begins with a design document(GDD) for any major project. In the interest of moving along quickly, here’s a simple example:

Game Title Star Explorer — a space shooter game.
Description Maneuver your starship through an asteroid field, destroying asteroids as you progress.
Controls Tap on the ship to fire; drag the ship to move left and right.
Sounds Shooting sound and explosion sound when the ship collides with an asteroid.

Now we have a very basic outline for our game. Once the design document is created, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it grows!

Продуктовая линейка

В настоящее время ассортимент товаров включат в себя продукты для увеличения мышечной и снижения жировой массы, ускорения восстановительных процессов после спортивных тренировок, оздоровления организма, повышения уровня силы и выносливости, а именно:

  • предтренировочные и послетренировочные комплексы;
  • диетическое питание;
  • протеин;
  • креатин;
  • аминокислоты;
  • жиросжигатели;
  • L-carnitine.

Кроме того, есть возможность покупки и спортивных аксессуаров, призванных сделать наш жизнь более комфортной и яркой.

Многие «знатоки» возразят, что представленная продуктовая линейка далеко не самая широкая. В принципе, соглашусь, но ведь компания совсем недавно вышла на национальный рынок.

Кроме того, политика бренда – создание действительно качественного и эффективного продукта, а не формальное расширение ассортимента.

Как Корона Лабс предлагает зарабатывать?

Мы уже поняли, что продукция компании – действительно достойный ответ зарубежным конкурентам. Но чем она может быть интересна нам в плане заработка?

А тем, что у каждого желающего есть шанс присоединиться к данному сетевому новичку с целью не только нести в массы «хорошее и светлое», но и заработать неплохие деньги.

Учитывая правило «1-9-90», характерное для всех МЛМ, уровень потенциального дохода напрямую зависит от срока вступления в ряды компании.

Так, 1% «первооткрывателей», присоединившихся к проекту в течение первого полугода, имеют все шансы зарабатывать десятки и даже сотни тысяч долларов.

Еще 9% дистрибьюторов, оценивших выгоды сотрудничества с компанией в течение первого и второго года ее жизни, также останутся не в накладе, получая, в среднем, до десяти тысяч американских тугриков.

Остальные же 90% распространителей будут создавать основной товарооборот, при этом получая уже значительно меньше, но в зависимости от своей прыти, все таки вполне приличные вознаграждения.

Это все хорошо, но усилий для этого придется приложить в десятки раз больше.

Так как Korona Labs еще пока является новичком на рынке, у вас есть все шансы войти в число «волшебных» 1% и 9%.

Важно, что вас не заставляют приобретать продукцию на определенную баснословную сумму. Вполне можно начать с пары банок для себя и знакомых

Или же вообще, не приобретая продукции компании, начать строить сеть потребителей.

Но, убедившись в качестве и результативности продукта, вам будет легче поверить в успех его продвижения. А большое число потенциальных покупателей, которое далеко не ограничивается одними спортсменами, значительно облегчает работу в данной сфере.

Причем пусть вас не пугает, если ранее вы никогда не занимались сетевым маркетингом.

омпания снабжает своих сотрудников всеми необходимыми инструкциями для развития своего бизнеса, а также предоставляет сопровождение в виде обучающих семинаров от лучших профессионалов в сфере СРМ, МЛМ и ТАРГЕТ рекламы.

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